Surprise Yourself: Breakthrough Tip for the week of 10/22/17

“Once I thought that to be human was the highest aim a person could have, but now I see that it was meant to destroy men. Today I am proud to say that I am inhuman, that I belong not to men and governments, that I have nothing to do with creeds and principles. I have nothing to do with the creaking machinery of humanity – I belong to the earth. I say that lying on my pillow and I can feel the horns sprouting from my temples.”  Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiassen 

Who is the speaker? Woman or man? What does s/he look like? Where is s/he and to whom are they speaking? Is s/he not speaking to anyone, but simply musing? In other words, what is this person’s story? Could he or she be you? Let the writing surprise you.
If you’ve sent writing and haven’t seen it in Breakthrough, please re-send. The server was down for almost a week. Thanks, ms

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