I’m offering a March 7 Breakthroughwriting one-day workshop for women in Chandler, Az.

Breakthrough Writing for Women with Mary Sojourner
We’ll meet Saturday, March 7, from 10-5, with an hour lunch break, at Holly Metz’ house, 421 N. Evergreen Street, Chandler, AZ. We will mostly write and read, though I can teach whatever craft skills you ask me to teach.  I see this as a chance to go more deeply into your work. Bring writing materials and lunch. Holly will provide tea and coffee. Limit: 10 writers. The fee is $100./ $60. un-refundable deposit to me by February 21. Mary Sojourner, 2706 Tishepi Trail, Flagstaff, Az. 86005.  I have four spots open. Feel free to write me: bstarr67@gmail.com  or call: 928-213-5591 if you have any questions. 

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