STOP: Breakthrough for the week of July 4, 2016

Write. Step into the danger zone. Send me your writing.  Let your heart win. imgres-2

And, here is more wise beauty from Dean Kocjancik:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

 The deep thoughts did not leave me to go away with my daily life’s routine. I sat on the chair keeping the position of my mind. There was the fight between the brain and my heart. I caught myself to be on the top of the hill. The green grass was there and the field’s flowers were swaying in the wind.  The weakness voice called me to break my virtual peace.

I felt every bit of my heart. My wildness was out of the control. The wildness connected the danger and unknown. I excluded the brain to feel better my life. I wish to know what my life exactly means for the Universe. My wild and precious life should be the door of my freedom. The feelings of wild and precious life shifted from inside to outside me. The waves of emptiness came and went. I had the different perspective in my mind. I thought how the control and wildlife can I use theme together. I thought how calm can make my fight better.

The freedom of decisions I need to feel inside me. I fight between the security and the risk. I want to have the life as I wish. I have the power to change the situation from wildness to the calm and go up from the bottom to the top. My life is too precious just to repeat the others. It all depends on the perspective of the flowers on the fields.  


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