Stand on your ground: Breakthrough Tip for what’s left of the week of 5/8/17

If you think too long on your
next step, you will end up
in life standing on one leg.  —Chinese proverb

When the sandhill crane stands on one leg, it does what a sandhill crane does. When a writer thinks too long on the next step, s/he hides from the gift. I’ve been practicing standing on one leg in my physical therapy sessions. When I do it, I have no concentration or energy for seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling. All I can do is wobble on one leg. And you?

Most welcome writing from Pamela Lee, in response to the photograph below:

by Matt Boettrich

“So what do we do now, Mavis? I told you we shouldn’t try to navigate through the mudslide. Now we’re stuck. And it isn’t as if the Highway Patrol is going to come to our rescue way out here.”

“What if we tied a note to Oscar’s collar and told him to go home. Would he? Could he? And who would read the note and come back with him? He doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. You think he’d pick up on our distress.”

“Well, at least we have food and sleeping bags for tonight, and I’m not about to send the dog off in the dark.”

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