When You Don’t Know the Rest of the Story: Breakthrough Tip for the week of 3/19/2018

You are writing. Perhaps you’ve used a memory, a prompt, something you’ve overheard or seen. You have forgotten yourself. You have forgotten your doubts, your shames, your desire to get published. For no known reason, the writing stalls out. You fight the jam-up until you recognize that forcing the words won’t help.

You open up your favorite book about writing, or you scroll through Breakthrough Writing entries. Nothing helps. Now, you are here.

For months I have walked by this blue tarp. It is wrapped around a tree. I have made up a dozen stories about what it is and about its origin. Consider that it is suspend from a wire wrapped around the tree. It looks as though it contains something. I have not yet ducked under the fender to see what it contains. I have yet to write the story.

Now, it is yours. Tell us a story. m

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