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Soooooo, what do you think? What can you do? Do you care?

Molly Silverman not only cares – she gets what we are living in:

Freedom is

Freedom is as our capitalist Country now defines it. Freedom is not limited to this but within this definition you will find it.

Freedom is.

Freedom is the inability to swim in local lakes and streams because they all have become toxic from the factory’s poisoned steam.

Freedom is.

Freedom is the protection of the chaste who feel offended

if it’s hot take off my top and then it’s me who gets arrested. While the passers by just watch and wish more babies weren’t breastfed.

Freedom is.

Freedom is as Freedom does

Does Freedom have the right to destroy so many habitats and take so many lives?

The more I care for my body the more freedom I have truly. There lies a natural balance but with Freedom comes Responsibility.

Freedom is.


And yeah we’ve got a lot. But do we need some humility?

And other values rarely taught? Where is our humanity?

Our humaneness, benevolence. And who gets define all of these words? Where is our basic common sense?

It’s time to redefine priorities besides National Defense. 

In a capitalist economy it can all be bought and sold but what is more important than the economy?

Can we eat silver or drink our gold?

And now the time comes to define what Freedom means to me.  My family and I are safe and sound and I have Freedom of speech. Freedom is something I want for all regardless of nationality an ideal but will it ever be balanced with accountability?

 I have to say that Freedom is like all things relative. But in a capitalist economy where all is a commodity, even Freedom is.  Freedom is





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