The Haunting, Part 2: Walls, Breakthrough Writing Tip for the week of 4/22/19

Walls, Part 2: 

Walls. Borders. The wall of no common language. The wall of insisting on being right. The wall of the belief in the Other coming to take everything.The wall of the terror of incarceration deep in the body. The wall of knowing there is more – and it is worse. The wall of the gun carried in full view. The wall of the knowledge of the hidden surveillance. The wall of eyes hidden behind dark glasses. The wall of the mouth barely moving as it drones questions.

The wall of “Baffle ’em with Bullshit.” The wall of being watched by technology, monitored, judged, enumerated and used. The wall of the glowing screen. The wall of living people converted to electronic impulses. The walls of the Temples built for the gods of profit and exclusivity. The wall we pay the rulers to erect. The wall of “More is Better.” The wall of the belief that the Earth is here for our species to use.

From a friend who is active in helping refugees from south of the American border. She wrote in response to last week’s BTW:  I wonder how tall all the walls are, can we see over them?  

Can you? Imagine you have taken this picture. You are in a desert only marginally cooling at sundown. You see what you know is a mirage of a river. You want to believe it is water. In the distance, there is the whirr of a militarized dragonfly. How do yoiu see over these walls?

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Here is The Haunting, One


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