The Pen That is Full; the pen that is empty: Breakthrough for the week of 8/26/19

Theresa Souers

Once I walked into Stevie’s room and he had the night stand cleared off and two felt tip pens laying there touching tip-to-tip.  I asked him what he was doing and he said one pen was empty and the other was full and he thought if you put them end-to-end, the pen that was full would give the empty pen ink and they both could write.  He was right.  —–Chris Layton

I use heavy strings,
tune low, play hard and
floor it.  Floor it.
that’s technical talk. —-Stevie Ray Vaughan

We, no matter where you or I live, are “local writers”.  Our pens give each other ink.  We toss
our words out and away, not discarded, but given to winds we cannot feel or name.  Our work
is carried. We are the full moon seen through the ancient branches of a Bristlecone Pine. We are the Pine. We are a sky we too often forget, too often fail to celebrate.

Floor it, readers and writers. Let us know what you remember, what you celebrate.


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