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What is Missing?: Breakthrough for the week of 2/11/19

Perhaps you hear yourself. You talk with a friend. You talk with yourself. You try to sleep at the end of a busybusybusy day, your words aching in your rattling mind. “If only I had…,……………………., then I could write.” Time. Space. Love. Peaceofmind. Enough money. Enough respect for the stories I’ve been given. Enough desperation. What do […]

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The One 2019 Resolution Every Writer and Wannabe Writer Must Make: Breakthrough for a new year

There is only one new year’s resolution that a writer can honorably make: I will make no writing resolutions. Writing resolutions hang over our writing spirit much as this branch is suspended from a near-by pine.  Any second, our resolutions can crash down us – reminders of how we have not kept them. How does this […]

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