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Up Near Pasco

It happened up near Pasco, Washington. My aunt calls from Burns to tell me. “Jinella, I got some sad news. Kyrin laid himself down on the railroad tracks up near Pasco and got hit. Far as the cops could tell, he had his music plugged in his ears, you know how the kids do…and his… … more >>>

The Map of How to Write

The Map of How to Write

I FINISH MY READING at a Southwestern Writers’ Conference. I have spoken about crippling pain from a hiking fall and seeing a dust cloud from the Gobi Desert turn the sun moon-silver over the Black Rock, and how a volcanic out-cropping seen against sunset can become figures from a Javanese shadow play. A woman in… … more >>>

Recent Postings

Alone: Breakthrough Tip for the week of 8/31

How is it to be alone? If being alone is a room; a grove of trees no taller than you; an abandoned lot – something in the southeastern corner, moving, not moving; a car speeding down a desert highway, the windows open, your favorite song whipping past you…will you enter? Now, you think, she will… … more >>>

What Lives in the Lacunae: Breakthrough Tip for 8/22/2020

Lacuna: noun (pl. lacunae |-nī, -nē| or lacunas): an unfilled space or interval; a gap: the journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies. a missing portion in a book or manuscript.    — New Oxford American Dictionary Lacuna: Exploring the etymology of lacuna involves taking a plunge into the pit – or maybe a leap into… … more >>>

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