Rescue Roast coffee is available now!

Not sure what that creature on the left is… RtR

Viva la revolucion!!! Rescue Roast Coffee is now available in Flagstaff and on-line. Two dollars from every bag sold goes to Second Chance no-kill animal shelter here in Flagstaff. You can also buy Rescue Roast at the two Late for the Train locations: Ft. Valley Road and Birch St. in downtown Flagstaff. Note from trusted human servant: You may notice that in addition to the special bags with Ruti, the Spokescat Rescue Roast, there are bags with a dog’s face on them. (chacon a son gout

Today’s mewsing: I tire so of hearing people say, / Let things take their course. / Tomorrow is another day. / I do not need my freedom when I’m dead. / I cannot live on tomorrow’s bread. –Langston Hughes, poet and novelist (1 Feb 1902-1967)  Stand up for what’s right, don’t just think about it. Buy Ruti, the Spokescat Rescue Roast coffee. Your struggle is every FLF member’s struggle – and those who have not yet found our comradeship. Ruti, the Relentlessly Ready


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