The Impossibility of Your Past: Breakthrough for the week of October 1, 2019

Your Past. Where? When? Was it a dream? If not, an imagining?

Use this image as a beginning. Let yourself explore the dark. Let yourself remember a moonless night, a void, a star border that amazed you, calmed you. Follow your willingness and write us what you find.


And here is a void from my present life. This raw bull-dozed earth was once forest. It was Ponderosa pine and undergrowth and home to countless species of wildlife. Now? You can see. Your United States Forest Service, under the Great American Interior Department, on specious evidence gather by satellite photograph and computer, determined that that living bio-community needed to “thinned”, “managed”, rendered less susceptible to wildfire. Once upon a time, thinning involved leaving 30 trees per acre. The cuts were limited by tree diameter. Real human beings walked an area, boots on the ground, and determined what trees needed to be thinned out – smaller trees, dog leg thickets.

No more. See for yourself.

If you have witnessed and grieved the loss of Place, tell us. If you are willing to feel grief and anger about what our species is doing to the earth, tell us.



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