The Mirror: Breakthrough Tip for the week of 10/2/2017

I am only acting as a mirror to your life,
in which you can see yourself as you are;

then you can throw away the mirror; 
the mirror is not important.  —Krishnamurti

Last weekend I was blessed to teach at the Southwest Festival of the Written Word, in Silver City New Mexico. Twenty-five plus writers bent over their notebooks and wrote steadily about stories they had brought with them. We only had an hour, so there was no time for individual students to read, but we made time for questions. One question has stayed with me. “What is your writing process?” a woman asked. I had only one answer: “What is yours?”

A teacher is a mirror. A question has already been answered when it is asked. What is your way to write? What is your way to not write. Please take the time to answer these questions for us – and for yourself.

Bonus points if you know who said the quote on the bumper sticker…

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